The Basics of Flying Hippos in Slots

The phrase “when pigs fly” is commonly used to dismiss an unlikely event, but have you ever heard of flying hippos? Because of their bulk, hippos are much less likely to soar through the air than pigs. It’s a scary idea, especially considering hippos are among the deadliest land creatures. Maybe there’s a movie in here someplace. Who knows, we had Sharknado. Anyway, getting back to the game at hand, Pragmatic Play’s Flying Hippo can only be found at LeoVegas.

Flying Hippo is an out-of-the-ordinary, cluster pays grid slot. The execution of the subject is the first problem, and Flying Hippo doesn’t provide many thrills since it’s unclear what it’s supposed to be. The scene takes place in the sky, with billowing clouds in the bottom third and a starry night sky in the top third. With no additional content or game modes, this is all. Waiting for the joke to come up in a round of Flying Hippo was frustrating.

The game has a return to player value of 93.99% and a volatility rating of 5.0 out of 5.0 from Pragmatic Play. Obviously, Pragmatic Play has a large social circle. That could be enough to put off some players, but if not, they can play on any device with a minimum stake of 20 cents and a maximum of 100 pounds or euros, depending on how much they want to risk.

Landing blocks of 5 or more matching symbols that link vertically or horizontally is the purpose of the game play in Flying Hippo, which takes place on a 7×7 grid. When you get a winning combination, the tumble function will replace the winning symbols with fresh ones falling from above the grid. A wild symbol is randomly inserted in one of the vacant positions just before the symbols begin to fall. When no more wins can be made, the tumbles stop. Paying symbols include the standard J through A playing card icons for the low values, and a hippo, green star, red star, and yellow star, respectively, for the high values. Clusters of 5-6 symbols pay out at 0.1–0.75 times the wager, and clusters of 25+ symbols pay out at 5–50 times the wager. Wild clouds with smiley faces can occur anywhere on the reels and stand in for any other regular symbol. Flying Hippo just uses the ones and zeros.

Features of the Flying Hippo Slot

Unfortunately, there isn’t much action in Flying Hippo that you may explore. A tumble function and a Spawning Wild element are key to gameplay, but the latter is subject to a number of restrictions. Unfortunately, Flying Hippo does not have a free spins or bonus round feature.

Generating a Naturalistic Characteristic

Depending on the current spin’s difficulty, a multiplier may be applied to any wild symbols generated by the tumble feature. Any more cluster wins that include the wild symbol will have their payout multiplied by this amount. A meter accumulates the value of a wild symbol’s contribution to a winning cluster. The spin’s difficulty raises by one level for every six wilds acquired in this manner. Wilds with no multiplier or an x2 exist before level 1 is reached;

Multipliers of 2x or 3x are available to them in the first level.

This multiplier is raised to 3, 4, 5, or 6 at level 2.

They show up with x3, x4, x5, and x6 on stage 3 as well.

Once you reach level 3, collecting wilds will cease, and at the conclusion of the tumbles, two Colossal 2×2 wilds with random multipliers will be put to the board in random positions. These wilds can have a multiplier of 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 25, or 50. The multiplier of the smaller wild is applied to the Colossal wild if it overlaps it. Multipliers from several wilds in the same cluster are combined together. The meter returns to zero after each spin end tumble.

Slot Decision and a Flying Hippo

Strange game. One of the emblems is a hippopotamus, and there is a flying-through-the-clouds effect, but excuse the pun; the idea of a flying hippo didn’t take off. It just seemed off. If the game’s gameplay and ancillary features came to the rescue, it wouldn’t be a problem. Overall, Flying Hippo felt hastily put together and unfinished. It’s as if the developers completely forgot about the release date until midnight on the night before the game was scheduled to be released, at which point they scrambled to write some code, slap on some boring graphics, and come up with a name. Similar to Marge Simpson’s “Ghost Mutt” concept.

Either that, or someone at Pragmatic Play set out to prank LeoVegas on purpose. We never meant to imply that, but that’s the kind of response a game of Flying Hippo got. The game seems to be out to con players just as much as the casino, if the numbers are any indication. Who would want to play Flying Hippo after seeing the return value, which would make the accountants at ELK Studios green with envy? There is no massive progressive jackpot or any impressive gameplay to make up for the low RTP. The concept of Flying Hippo’s wild collecting, multiplier construction, and massive wild dumping isn’t terrible. The strange presentation, dismal statistics, and lack of interest in the topic all but bury them.

Pragmatic Play’s Flying Hippo demonstrates the studio’s propensity towards irrational creativity. The studio’s earlier game that we evaluated, The Dog House Multihold, took a traditional slot in a fresh and fascinating path, further solidifying the studio’s standing as one of the finest in the business. Then it released Flying Hippo, a useless film that damaged the company’s reputation.

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