What is Video Poker and how to Play it

Although online slots are one of the most popular game types available, JackpotCity is committed to offering a diverse selection of games. There is an abundance of variation. With that, we come to video poker, which is a popular game both online and off, and which you can simply learn to play by following the guidelines in our helpful online casino guide.

To get things started, we’ll discuss the significance of prudent financial management. After that, we’ll go through some of the fundamental rules. After a brief introduction to some of our featured video poker games, we’ll take a look at some poker hands that we suggest memorizing by memory before moving on to the games themselves.

Maintain Control of Your Funds

Effective money management is essential to having a good time playing video poker and other casino games. This is particularly important in video poker since it requires a thorough understanding of the different hands and their respective scores. These will be discussed in more detail later.

If you play offline poker, you may be compelled to place numerous bets every round. This is more likely to occur in Microgaming video poker and Evolution live dealer poker, although it is still conceivable. The game is already distinct from online slots games, where just a single wager is necessary for each spin, as you can see in the screenshot above.

We recommend that you put aside a preset budget for your session before checking in.

Setting deposit limitations is a great approach to ensure that you stay on track with your budget. JackpotCity Online Casino provides a variety of deposit limit settings, including daily, weekly, and monthly limits, as well as other responsible gambling features, when you log in.

Locate your username icon on our mobile casino’s home screen to begin setting them up. You’ll need to touch on this in order to access your account menu. For the same result if you’re playing at JackpotCity’s online casino on a desktop computer, just hover your mouse cursor over your user name when logged in.

Once you’ve arrived, look for the Help button and scroll down to see the Responsible Gaming option, which expands when touched or clicked on. Last but not least, configure the features you’ve selected from JackpotCity’s collection of tools.

Voila! You’re well on your way to enjoying yourself while being safe and responsible.

Learn the fundamentals of the game.

You now understand the importance of proper bankroll management, and it’s time to brush up on your knowledge of some fundamental video poker principles. You may use them in both the online casino and mobile casino spaces – and, in many cases, you can even use them in offline poker games.

First and foremost, you must understand the game’s aim. In each video poker game, your aim is the same – and that is to accumulate the most number of points possible from the hand you are dealt.

Video poker, which uses a 5-card draw mechanism and is controlled by RNG (random number generator) software, is played according to the rules of draw poker, despite the fact that this version may include up to 8 players in real life. In video poker, you are pitting your skills against the dealer.

Of course, you must first log in and pick the video poker game that you want to play before you can begin playing. You’ll need to choose your bet size before you can begin the round. By adjusting the quantity of coins you wish to stake, in addition to choosing coin size, you may get your desired result.

The game begins as soon as you put your wager, or more precisely, as soon as you push the deal button on your screen, which is immediately activated. You’ll be dealt 5 face-down cards, which will automatically turn over to display your hand after the game is finished. You’ll next have the option of choosing whether to retain (hold) one or more of your cards or whether to get new cards in their place.

You can keep a card in your hand by clicking or tapping on it, but if you think you could do better, you may opt to swap all of the cards in your hand with another set of cards.

A single press of the deal button will either reveal fresh cards or indicate whether you’ve lost or won the hand at that point.

A gamble function is included in several video poker variations. In the event that you win a round, the gamble option will be enabled. This provides you with the opportunity to predict the result of a card flip. In most cases, accurately identifying the color of the card (black or white) increases your payment by a factor of two. Accurately predicting the suit of the cards (hearts, spades, diamonds, or clubs) quadruples your winnings.

Keep a list of the most important poker hands.

Remembering the importance of efficiently managing your money, it is in your best advantage to memorize the numerous poker hands that are shown on video poker paytables. It’s also vital to know that not all video poker varieties pay out for the same hands, which might be confusing.

Take a peek at the paytable to see which poker hands are available before placing your stake. One game may contain the Royal Flush, the highest-ranking hand, whilst other games may only include hands from the Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, and lower-ranking hands. The Full House and Flush, as well as the Straight and Three of a Kind, are some of the other medium-value poker cards you could encounter. You could also come across the bottom hands, which are referred to as Two Pair and Pair.

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